Handmade: Toilet Paper Roll Card Wallet

I was recently inspired to recycle some of the household trash into things. It all started when I saw a customer at my workplace with an interesting milk carton purse. So, I made some myself too and then I began to explore other things that can be recycled into other things and came upon this blog (which I forgot the address!) where this mother in New York makes these nice-looking card wallets.

I made one last night and I thought it turned out pretty nice. A bit shabby-looking but I’m planning to use it as a replacement to an ‘angpow’, a Chinese envelope used to put money in for the Chinese New Year.

If I manage to make a couple more, it’ll be for the cousins. This one will be for my sister.

She could then re-use it (or not) to put in her cards or whatever she fancies.

It would of course be a pain if I’m making these for all the ‘angpows’ that I will be giving out but I’m not crazy. Am only planning to make a few more, perhaps for my friends too. Problem is, how am I to accumulate another 6 of these toilet rolls before mid January? Hmm…


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